Guru’s Guidance


Iam married and devotee to yogananda .With his guidance I have got married. But my life is ended with divorce.i prayed so much to God but every thing is in vain.why guruji not helping me.why my prayers left unanswered.

—Shanmuga priya, India


Dear friend Shanmuga,

I am most sorry to hear of your divorce. Please do not consider your prayers unanswered. Accept all things as “guru’s grace” for behind every circumstance lies a deeper understanding and a deeper attunement with the grace to free you from all karma. Clearly there is some karma here.

Who can truly say whether his guidance was to be married to that person? Unless he appeared and spoke to you I would be cautious in your view. When the heart wants something it is far too easy to believe that divine guidance endorses one’s desire. Perhaps you can reflect back and may see that there were signs that the marriage was not the best decision.

Even in regard to prayers for the marriage to be successful, we have to karma to deal with and, who can but say that in years to come you will be grateful to guru for having taken you out of that marriage?

So, please reserve judgment as to what is best for your soul. Life is hard anyway, with or without divine guidance and a true guru. But a guru can guide you through your karma with care for your ultimate freedom whereas karma, by itself, is just more karma and may lead nowhere at all.

I know it must be difficult at this time but the life of a devotee is a life of faith in God and guru. “What comes of itself, let it come” Yoganandaji (whose birthday, Jan 5, 1893) it is. Pray today, esp, on his birthday, for his blessing upon your heart’s pain. Accept that pain and offer it back to him as gift of your faith in his guidance, goodness, and mercy.

Be of good cheer.

May the guru shower upon the blessings of a life lived in faith and surrender,

Nayaswami Hriman