Healing Disharmony in the Family


I live with my mom, grandmother and unmarried aunt. There is a lot of friction between my mom and my aunt. My mom has not been nice to my aunt in the past, and my aunt isn’t nice to her now. Unfortunately My relatives add fuel to fire. When I try to make peace, my mom and aunt accuse me of favouring the other. My aunt is currently giving me the silent treatment and saying stuff behind my back. How do I rectify the situation, or atleast my attitude towards the situation? How do I be more forgiving

—NS, India


Dear NS,

I suggest doing things to bring an atmosphere of peace and harmony into the family. Pray for your mother and your aunt. See the Divine in whatever form they may feel most attuned present with them. Visualize divine light embracing them and filling them with peace and harmony, especially in their heart centers. Also visualize yourself filled with that peace and harmony.

You could do Yogananda’s Peace and Harmony Prayer: “Divine Mother fill (name your aunt and mother) with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.” Repeat this for about a minute. Then pray, “Divine Mother, fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony.” Repeat that for about 15 seconds. You can repeat this little prayer five times a day for a number of days. It is very powerful.

When you are with your family open yourself to a flood of divine healing energy embracing you and flowing through you out to them. From that place allow any negative energy to just move on past you, as it will find no place to ‘land’ in your heart. When you are embraced in this protective energy your attitude can remain neutral and loving to all. Visualize an aura of Divine Light embracing all three of you as you interact. Seek to be an instrument for God’s peace in the family. Yogananda said, “The instrument is blessed by that which flows through it.” So as you are an instrument for this peace, you also will be blessed. Always remember to put God “in charge” of circumstances. God has the big picture and knows the right outcome. Our job is to attune to God’s will for every situation, that His will be done.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti