How to Direct God’s Healing Power


Although I am not officially trained as a healer, whenever I pray for someone in deep trouble (could be physical or mental), he/she feels some relief or in fortunate situations a total relief. Every time I get this affirmation there is an inner feeling that I should channel my energies and focus more, as I do not actually know how to direct God’s healing power. Please suggest ways in which I can send healing vibes to others in best possible way. Thank you!

—A Singh, India


It sounds like you have a natural attunement and affinity for sending healing energy. Paramhansa Yogananda shared many deep teachings on the topic. To learn more I suggest you look through this section on Healing Resources: Many Ways to Share in the Blessings.

And I also invite you to consider joining us in prayer via the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry whenever it feels like the right time for you to do so. Many of our members have felt their healing ability and intuition increase over the years by serving in this way.


Mary Kretzmann