Healing Rituals


I was getting these healings and cleansing done on my chakras. This one healer told me he placed some sort of shield to protect me from evil in my aura. I told him I did not like this and asked him to remove it. I got scared that my soul might get stuck in some shield like this when I die. In panic got a dasmahavidya puja done with my dads money without telling him. I only told him about spending the money today.I am scared that might get stuck when I die. Also god might be angry with me.

—Anish, India


Dear Anish,

As Krishna teaches us in the Gita, our soul is ever perfect; immortal; free; and blissful. No one can ever harm you unless you allow them to harm you out of fear. The best shield is the shield of soul-joy; soul-grace; soul-wisdom; divine love.

Counteract these things with prayer, meditation, chanting, and seva (sevice). An affirmation like, “I am strong in my Self; I am complete in my Self; nothing and no one can harm me if I live protected by God’s power and grace.”

Do you have a meditation-pranayam practice? Do you chant? Do you practice yoga? Exercise? Your situation is an excellent one for taking the initiative to strengthen your aura: the magnetism of your astral body. Yoga, meditation, positive thinking, and devotion to God and guru are the strongest protections you will find anywhere.

It is best not to depend passively upon healers or priests. If you seek their help, also exercise your own willpower. Kriya Yoga will work on your chakras with guru’s grace and your self-effort.

Think now, what you can do to be strong and how you can draw strength from devotion and grace. Okay?

Blessings to you!
Nayaswami Hriman