Healing with Reiki


A lot of people these days are practicing Reiki as a form

of healing. What are the views of Sri Yogananda and

Swami Kriyananda on this subject ? Thank you,

—sandy nat, usa


Dear Sandy,

I have never seen anything on the subject of Reiki written by Yogananda (it may not have been popular when he was alive), nor have I heard Swami Kriyananda speak about it.

At Ananda we share a technique of healing taught by Yogananda. Divine energy is the healer, so it is really a matter of the technique you use and the ray of divine grace you are tuned into when you share it.

If you’d like to learn Yogananda’s technique for sending healing energy, you can learn an introductory version of this healing technique here.

There is also a more elaborate version of the technique that you can learn if you’re interested in getting involved with Ananda’s healing ministry.

There are hundreds of people in Ananda’s prayer ministry around the world who join together to send prayers for those who request them. The results are quite inspiring. You’re welcome to join us in sending prayers for others. Visit Join Us in Prayer to find out more information.

Joy to you,