Heartbreak in Relationship


I just broke up with my girlfriend. In these times i cried to God and Jesus to save me from my pain and i started to go back on the spiritual path. I know God is my only true love and that attachment creates problems. However i feel like we will never find partners that are alike, and i really want her back. According to law of attraction it is possible. There is a YouTube video with subliminal messages for example. But I fear that this is unethical and not in harmony with God's will. Please help me.

—Ken, Germany


Dear Ken,

I do feel for your pain. After a surgery, even a successful and beneficial one, there is, at first, much pain. If you suffer a deep cut in your arm, you must bandage it and instinctively hold your arm close to you until it heals. But, in time, you will no longer think about it and your life will resume its normal course.

I agree with you that you shouldn’t use subconscious techniques to draw her back to you. I know it is difficult not to think constantly of your grief and of her but you must, must try. Dive deep into your positive activities: whether school, work, family, friends. Deepen your meditation and especially chanting and do so in the company of others of like mind.

It is important to understand that when you are so close to a situation, a person, and consumed by grief and desire, you simply CANNOT know whether she is your true partner and love. Look around you at couples young and old. It doesn’t take much time for the bloom of romance and excitement to wear off. We each have to go back into our center even as we each must sleep at night and forget our joys and sorrows. You cannot simply “be in love” everyday in an emotional way for very long. In fairly short order, each of a couple must resume daily life from their own point of view. Differences will always arise; so, too, will misunderstandings which lead to hurt.

Yes, you are correct: God’s love alone can satisfy our cosmic heart.

In any case, do not dwell so much on philosophy but on activity. “Time heals all” we often say. The more you are attached to one person the more likely your attachment will repel her. Nonattachment is the only way to true happiness. “Thy will, O Lord, be done, for I am Thine eternally.”

Think more about giving joy and love to others in your life; others whom you meet. If you wish to receive love, you must first give it to God, and then, God in others.

So, right now you are in the hospital of love recovery room after a surgery which has separated you from a person you believe you love. For a while you will feel pain but keep your eyes on your complete recovery and bath your heart and your mind in the healing light of God, Christ, and the Masters.

Be well; be happy; for God’s love awaits you,

Nayaswami Hriman

Seattle WA USA