Heat in the spine


Hi, I was wondering, why do I feel a warm sensation and sometimes intense heat on my thighs and below my navel between my waist and belly button when I visualize? I get this a lot when I visualizing something I want to manifest and I get it also when I’m deeply concentrating on my breath. Thank you & many blessings!

—Dana, U.s.a


The heat you are referring to is a rising energy in the spine. This can be generated at a lower chakra in the spine during meditation. The rising energy should have a soothing and regenerating effect upon the mind and nervous system. The goal is general nervous system equilibrium. If this heat is disrupting to your peace and meditation then maybe the visualizations should not be done for a time. If it makes you more nervous then that is the sign for you to stop the visualization and breathing practice. Maybe, at that time, focus on your heart and feel the Divine Presence and God’s love there and relax with it. Your nervous system may need to slowly adjust to that new rising energy. Work with the feeling of devotion in your heart. What you are experiencing is wonderful but you will need to gently prepare the nervous system for this energy flow. Blessings on your practices.