Helping Someone Who Has Suffered a Great Loss


My maternal aunt lost her husband in 2009 & was totally devasted. She lost her interest in life since then & even stopped taking care of herself. Lost her father & lost one more support system. Now, she lost her only child 2.5 months & doesn’t want to live anymore. She isn’t eating enough, not cooking, not going to fields (farmer). Her daughter in law lives with her. I can’t see her like this. What can she do? What can I do? How to make her feel better? Don’t what to say. Please guide.

—SP, India


Dear SP,

Your aunt has indeed suffered a great loss. I think healing prayers for her now are essential. I encourage you to go onto our website at this link to put your aunt’s name on our prayer list. Our prayer ministry has hundreds of members from around the world who use Yogananda’s healing prayer techniques to pray for others daily. We send out 3-4 names to each member to pray for for a month. Each prayer request will have several members praying for the person. We send out new names at least weekly. The large list is divided into groups; new prayer requests are always going out.

Also on this page you will see the Advanced Healing Prayer Technique link, so you may learn to send healing prayers to her also. All is possible when we actively request God’s help. Ask for God’s help urgently now. See your aunt whole, well and vibrant. See the cloud of grief lifting from her now. See her embraced and supported in Divine Light and Love. Pray for her daily, several times per day.

Is your aunt receiving some sort of professional support such as mental health or grief counseling? She may need medical help as well. If this is available to her it would be really helpful. I expect her daughter-in-law also needs support as caring for someone going through such a struggle can be difficult. Are there more family members who could provide her with some relief? A change in caregivers might also facilitate a shift for your aunt. Do reach out to all possible resources where your aunt lives.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti