Hormonal Lethargy


I have a hormonal problem due to which I don't feel like doing anything. I do something, be it gym, job, going out, etc. I leave it soon. Everybody in my family shouts at me and calls me lazy and useless because of this. NO one understands me. I feel lonely and weak. What to do?

—Petals, India


Dear Petals,

Whatever may be the cause of your lack of energy and enthusiasm, know that you can change it. It may take patience and daily practice but the law of karma tells us that whatever circumstances we face now are the result of past actions, presumably, in your case, in prior lifetimes.

At the same time, accepting the reality of your condition is also necessary in order to know what useful actions are available to you. In other words, you want to have realistic expectations and set achievable goals.

Never let a clinical diagnosis be a “death sentence.” Even if one dies in the attempt, it is better to make some effort to overcome your hormonal lethargy (lack of energy and enthusiasm).

A deeper element is this: none of those so-called “normal” activities (job, school, gym, going out) can bring you lasting happiness. Only love for God and the awareness of God’s presence in your heart, and in all others and creation, can bring to you the satisfaction your divine heart seeks.

May I, therefore, suggest a daily dose of energy, joy, and enthusiasm?

First: If you could learn to do the 39 tension exercises (we call Energization Exercises by Paramhansa Yogananda) at least once every day, especially in the morning, this would be helpful. Once you learn them (see the Ananda Meditation app or YouTube), they take about 12-14 minutes.

Second: you should pray, chant and meditate every day. Learn the simple meditation technique of watching the breath while silently chanting the powerful “Hong Sau” mantra.

Third: read something funny every day: from a book or from the internet.

Fourth: think about all the people in your life and around the world who are far worse off than you. Express mentally gratitude every day for the gift of life; of family; friends; nature; and God. If you have a job, be thankful for that job and do your best no matter what.

Fifth: read some spiritual counsel and advice every day.

Sixth: be helpful around the house with chores (with a smile); be helpful to neighbors or friends. Ask God every day, “How can I serve you through the needs of others this beautiful day?”

Seventh: pray each day that you might feel God’s love in your heart and share that with others (through your smile, your service, your kindness, your simple joy).

Never forget that “joy is within you.” At first we affirm it; then we feel it; then we naturally share it with others.

Sincerely and with unceasing blessings,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA