How and Why Did I Have this Dream?


I had a vivid dream that a friend had gone to this shady place and was up to some illegal things and when caught by the police he really got embarrassed and was sorry seeing all of our friends. The next day when I spoke to him and casually mentioned the dream, he confided in me that he actually had been to a similar place for the same reason the night before. How and why did I see this dream? He is a law abiding person who is very strong morally and ethically and had never been to this place.

—Devika, India


Dear Devika,

It is not unusual for our dreams to reveal things that are happening at a distance from us or that will happen in the future. All minds are linked in God and time is an illusion – the past, present, and future all happening at the same time.

As you begin to grow spiritually, these things began to reveal themselves to you more clearly, in your meditations or dreams. So that is how and why you had this dream.

It might also be a warning for your friend to be careful about what he does and where he goes, even in his mind. But be sensitive about saying too much about this to him. It might be best just to pray for him and ask God and Gurus to bless him and surround him in Divine Light.