How Can I Change My Karma?


I feel like God is being cruel to me. A certain problem keeps popping back into my life no matter how much I try to avoid it and I don’t know my karma associated with it. How can I make the torment stop and change my karma?

—Natalie, USA


I am not sure what kind of problem you are referring to so we will consider this in a general sense. When a problem, as you described, continues to come again and again it is most likely something from a past karma that needs to be looked at. Especially if this ‘problem’ comes of its own. Yogananda said ‘what comes to us of its own, let it come’. Our job, then, is to do our best to work with it and understand that it is something that needs to be completed from the past. We cannot really blame God because it is the impartial universal law of our karma that is manifesting in our life for us to learn a much needed lesson. You may find it helpful to begin (if you can) to feel gratitude for this trial which is a lesson specially designed for your spiritual growth. This may be difficult at first but you will begin to feel a blessing in your life as you embrace what is before you. Also, when the test comes give it to God in a silent prayer from your heart. You will build a magnetism that will attract solutions for this problem and then eventually change your karma.

Many Blessings on your efforts.