How Can I Connect with the Super-Power?


How can i connect with the Super-Power all the time and improve my faith in God?

—Gurwinder, india


Dear Gurwinder,

The Super-Power of God flows through all life, through all nature, through all creatures, all the time, also through you. If you desire a stronger and constant flow, then you need to pull it more strongly into your life. The secret for doing so is will-power.

The technique Yogananda gave for it are his energization exercises. When you learn them (see this video), feel all the time that God’s power is entering into your body through the medulla oblongata (in the back of the neck), filling your cells and tissues with that divine energy. Tense hard and use great will power. You are connecting to the Super-Power.

You may use this prayer by Yogananda before doing these exercises: “Heavenly Father, charge my body with Thy vitality, charge my mind with Thy spiritual power, charge my soul with Thy joy, Thine immortality.”

You may also practice the yoga posture called Virabhadrasana 2 (the warrior pose), while inwardly affirming, “I manifest joyfully the power of God.”

Afterwards meditate, every day, and look to the spiritual eye. This is where you will contact the Super-Power.

During the day, lift your eyes upward to the spiritual eyes (between the eyebrows) as often as you can, and think of God, the Super-Power. Then remain connected with it, manifest it, keeping your energy level high, but very calm. Always think that this high energy is not yours, but His. “I live by Thy power Lord.”

Yogananda writes: “The gentle beat of all‑pervading Life says to you silently, ‘Do not receive only a little flow of My life, but expand the opening of thy feeling powers, and let Me flood thy blood, body, mind, feelings, and soul with My throbs of universal life.’”

So you may pray: “O God, I will worship Thee as beauty and intelligence in the temple of Nature. I will worship Thee as power in the temple of activity and as peace in the temple of silence.”

Your second question: how to improve your faith in God? Faith is strengthened by experience. Pray to Him, feeling Him close. Pray with faith. Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “No man lives who has not seen certain of his prayers granted.” When you see that some prayers are being answered, even only little ones, then your faith will automatically grow.

All the best. You are on a very good way: toward the greatest blessing in the universe. May that Super-Power bless you and fill you, and may you find good friends who support you in your search.