How Can I Deal with Being Highly Sensitive? I Suffer from It.


Hello! I am an empath and feel that I am clairsentient too. For quite a while I have ignored both of them and assumed that all are good, and that we should be good to all, but now I feel I should honour these qualities and listen more to them. I can sense other people’s energies in my own system: their pain, happiness, any emotion. It’s automatic, and not under my control! I don’t like it. Please tell me how to deal with it. Talking with people in pain leaves me with headaches, nausea, and a drained body.

—Petals, India


Dear Petals,
Your qualities of sensitivity are precious, but need special training, otherwise life can become a nightmare.

Most of all, you need to develop a giving attitude, all day long, energetically speaking. Here is what you do: in the morning meditate (you can find instructions on this website). Then, when you enter into your day, consciously radiate harmonious energy and blessings outward. This will act as a shield for you.

Feel energy flowing out of you, and if possible feel that it is not your’s, but God’s energy. Once Swami Kriyananda felt totally drained when he was shaking people’s hand. He too was highly sensitive. But Yogananda told him: “That is because you are thinking of yourself. Think of God, and you will find His energy flowing through you.”

Another thing: a strong aura will help you greatly with your sensitivity. You aura will be much strengthened by learning and practicing daily Yogananda’s energization exercises, which, if done well, strengthen the aura considerably. The stronger your aura, the less you will have symptoms like headaches, nausea, and a drained body. Your trick will be to learn to feel things, yes, but at the same time to be strong and sturdy like a tree. You can find these exercises on this website, or on YouTube.
In fact people like you are often highly sensitive, like a tender flower, but are not robust enough, and therefore they suffer. Often the earth element is missing (there are five elements, all important): physical stability and strength. It would therefore also be good for you to do some sport every day, sweating once a day. It will make you less of a “overly-sensitive flower”. Are you ready for that? “Nothing comes from nothing,” the ancient Greeks said.

In short: the great yogis are all highly sensitive, keenly feeling other people’s emotions, even thoughts, but they are inwardly strong, centered, like a rock. That is your direction. Be a cause, not an effect. See every day as a school for it.

In divine friendship, Jayadev