How Can I Handle Psychic Experiences Caused by Meditation?



I’ve been going on and off meditation for quite some time and I can’t find anything similar that I’m going through.

Everytime I get serious with meditation and continue with it I start having dreams and I see entities, dead people, I even predict things that would happen the next day. Also I feel magnetic pains in my temples. Is this normal? Many thanks

—Inga, Ireland


Dear Inga,

I hope I can be of help to you not having these experiences myself. What immediately comes to my mind though is that you need to get out of the mental state that puts you into alignment with these experiences. You need to be determined not to go with them, but to use your will power to see other more enlightening experiences, such as joy and the light.

I would strongly suggest that you do yoga postures to stretch and relax your body. Do this before you sit to meditate. If you use the Ananda Yoga system, you will relax into meditation more easily.

Start your meditations with a chant. In fact, chant through most of your meditation until you can sit without going into the darkness. Chanting, as Yogananda said, is half the battle. It puts your mind into a devotional, loving state. It raises your energy and helps you to connect with God and your spiritual teacher.

If you have a japa practice, do this during your meditation — saying “Aum Guru” for instance over and over again. Or say, the Light of God is within me over and over. Practice this throughout the day so that you are always calling on God and Guru. In our case, Paramhansa Yogananda is our guru. He can help you also if you do not have one. If he’s not your guru, he will help you find one.

Also join our virtual online community. Take the courses provided. Listen to the music, as it is uplifting to your consciousness. Join with this community so that you meet other seekers of God. Bless you dear soul. Keep in the light.