How Can I Heal My Anxiety?


I need help. This is a serious request. Please. I don’t know if it is a blockage but I feel tortured daily. Static vision, severe anxiety. Please help me. Please tell me you have answers.

—Ingrid, United States


Dear Ingrid,

I am sorry for what you are experiencing. Of course, with only a few sentences to go on, I can only offer you a few simple suggestions.

First, please do this affirmation daily, as it is taught in this video: I will with my own will…

This affirmation will strengthen you from within, and begin to help with your severe anxiety, etc.

You might also want to check your nutrition. For instance, besides eating a healthy diet, bee pollen or seaweed can supply trace nutrients that can help the body to heal.

Finally, Request Healing Prayers from Ananda; this can help you in many ways. First, the prayers can help in the healing process directly, helping to heal the underlying issues in body, mind or soul. In addition that prayers can serve as a divine magnet that helps you attract the healing answers that you need, things that go beyond the scope of my reply here. Remind me in your request that you wrote in with this question… We pray for prayer requests for one month, and a person can renew their request at that time, as needed. We will also correspond with you with suggestions, such as I am offering to you here.

Meditation can also be very helpful, but I think it is best if you stabilize first. That being said, this Jesus Prayer Meditation serves as a prayer and meditation at the same time, and I have seen it be helpful for people with anxiety issues.

May you be comforted now.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry