How Can I Manifest a Life Partner?


I’m trying to manifest the ideal life partner. I have strong faith in the Divine Mother that she will send him to me and I know she has her own plans but she’s taking her own time. How do I stay grounded in the waiting? And how do I align my thought and emotion so that I can manifest a partner who truly loves and supports me and with whom I can create a lifetime connection? I see a lot of relationships falling apart. Can my faith in the Divine save me from any such karma and protect me, or us?

—Pooja, Japan


Dear Pooja,

We, as children of Divine Mother, are entitled to ask of Her anything. But She knows what we are meant to receive. When we pray, we always understand: not my will, but Thy will be done. Deep faith includes deep trust in God. It also requires that we are open and receptive to Her answer.

Swami Kriyananda used to tell a story of a man whose town flooded when a river overflowed its banks. The man prayed for help. While he was praying someone came by in a boat and urged him to climb in and be taken to safety. The man declined, saying he was waiting for God to rescue him. Then a helicopter came by but the man declined to wait for God to rescue him. Then he was washed away in the flood and died.

At the gates of heaven, the man asked God why he was not rescued. God said, “I sent you a boat and then a helicopter, but you declined my assistance.” So you see, the man had a narrow understanding of how God would respond and rejected the help offered.

Receptivity is key. God will send you exactly what you need in your life if your heart is open, you listen attentively, and you accept what God sends you as your next step. We must always be attuned to receive His answer. Yes, our past karma is part of what determines what is right for us now. We are protected from the effects of karma to the extent that we abide solely in God, for it is only then that we attune to God’s unchanging love for us. Then karma may come, but remaining in our center we are untouched though storms may howl around us.

When we pray, it is important to ask without attachment to a specific outcome. Let God guide you to the right partner at the right time. Around relationships, be open to what is brought to you. The perfect relationship for you may well not be the one you imagine.

Another key is understanding that our energy must flow freely to magnetize solutions to any problem — in your case, to draw the right life partner. Fear and doubt are just two of many negative emotions that can block our energy. Swami Kriyananda has written that removing any blockage in energy is not a passive process. The best “method” for unlocking any blockage of energy in the mind is to constantly offer one’s self to God. The more open one becomes to divine grace, the easier it becomes simply to lay one’s inmost thoughts at His feet. His grace alone can make you whole. This is not a passive process, no just waiting for God to come and make everything right for you. Think of it as a constant, dynamic self-offering. Nothing in this universe, least of all yourself and your personality, is really yours.

The less you allow yourself to remain attached to your problems, the less they will exist for you at all. This is another important point. Do not be attached to having a life partner or not having one, or attached to your partner having certain qualities. You cannot offer your all into God’s hands if you cling to desires and expectations for how life “should” be.

Swami Kriyananda wrote the book Self-Expansion Through Marriage: A Way to Inner Happiness. It is available from Crystal Clarity Publishers and other booksellers. Asha Nayaswami presented a class series about the book that is accessible in audible format. You might find it helpful, while putting out your prayer request for a life partner, to learn about marriage as a way to Self-realization and how to spiritualize marriage. This can clarify for you what an ideal partner would be and how you also may be an ideal partner.

Keep up your contact with God on this topic. I think this challenge might be very fruitful for you spiritually, as there is potential to learn much about openness to God’s guidance and living a life ever more fully dedicated to God, whether married or single.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti