How Can One Have Surgery Without Anesthesia? How Can One Receive the Sickness of Another Person?



1. Ramana Maharisi detached his mind from the body during surgery of his body. How was that possible for him?

2.There was a historical event in Indian history where King Baber (1483-1530) prayed with anguished determination that he receive the sickness of his son Humayun, so that the son be spared. Humayun recovered. Baber fell sick and died of the same disease that had stricken his son. What exactly did Baber do?3.The phenomena has to be supported by Noumenon (the unseen) in order to make phenomena shine. How to touch Noumenon?

—M.Thangaraj, India


Dear Thangaraj,


1. Ramana Maharishi did it through a technique known to all advanced yogis. It is prayamama, energy control: the energy is completely withdrawn from the body, into the spine. Nothing is perceived outside anymore. The yogi is in a deep state of pratyahara (inner withdrawal). You can read in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi (Chapter 4) an incident where a police officer severed the arm of a sadhu who did not react in the least, remaining calm and unaffected.

2. Yes, this ability too is known to highly advanced yogis. You can read, for example, in Autobiography of a Yogi how Sri Yukteswar took the karma of disciples onto his body. If King Baber (usually written Babur) wasn’t a yogi of that caliber (which is probable, though it is written that he had ascetic tendencies), he must have had intense devotion for God, who responded with the grace of a miracle.

3. To contact the unseen, the “Noumenon”, you must meditate. It opens the inner eye, the inner vision, the inner intuitive perception. Then indeed outer phenomena will shine with a new light.

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