How Do Beings in the Astral World Gain Knowledge?


How do beings in the astral world and causal world gain knowledge -- for example of physics, business, philosophy, etc.? Another question: Is an increase in understanding a sign of spiritual progress?

—pushkar, india


Dear Pushkar,

Imagine if you could take a pill and suddenly be 100 times more aware and intelligent! You would quickly understand many things that previously escaped your grasp. It would seem effortless to do so. Does not God, being omniscient, know all things?

The more expanded is one’s consciousness (as it is on the astral and causal levels), the more easily one grasps an expanded level of reality. But then for what use would a causal being have for success in business or physics? The intuitive powers inherent to the astral and causal realms of consciousness presuppose access to such knowledge as is needful or appropriate to one’s tasks on that level but for what purpose? It is, thus, a two-edged sword: I don’t need business skills on the astral level yet were I such a being as to assist an earth human in developing his business skills, I could suggest to him through intuition helpful ideas. Business, physics, etc. this knowledge pertains principally (if not entirely) to the material plane of reality.

There are many high IQ, intelligent, successful, smart people in this world. Are they, therefore, more spiritual? No, of course not! But: it takes concentration and energy to advance spiritually and thus when such a person has an epiphany, a change of heart, turning inward to God (perhaps through some tragedy in their life), they can make rapid spiritual progress and achieve wisdom insights which to others might take much longer to achieve. In the life of Paramhansa Yogananda, his most advanced disciples was a self-made “millionaire” (now he would be a “billionaire”), James J. Lynn (aka Rajasi Janakananda, St. Lynn). Before he met Yogananda, however, he was a bundle of nervous energy!

So, yes, there IS a connection between energy and soul consciousness. Unfortunately, access to the door of the soul is gained only through the willingness of the ego-mind to submit itself to the guidance, presence, wisdom, and unconditional love of God, guru, and Divine Mother. Any effort by the ego, for its own gratification, to secure the powers of God (siddhis) will result in a spiritual fall, thus eliminating any gain secured by the effort to obtain such powers.

May the light of wisdom guide you to the shoreless shore of Bliss!

Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA