How Do I Stick With a Path?



I am a 22 year old seeker after truth started walking spiritual path 3 years back. But on my path, I don’t have physical Guru nor someone in my environment who can guide me on the path of spirituality.

So the problem I face is I don’t stick to one path only, I keep on changing my spiritual precepter and even my diety of worship as I always think that the current path is not that inspiring as the other one. Hence I get frustrated and indulge in materialism. How do I stick to one faith?

—Siddharth Patel, India


Dear Siddharth,

For many the conscious walk on the spiritual path begins with searching for inspiration and answers by reading a variety of spiritual writings and visiting a variety of spiritual paths and teachers. Initially those efforts can help the seeker fine tune his spiritual compass as he realizes which teachings and which path resonate in his soul. It takes time with a teaching and path for this soul awareness to blossom. If we are the honey bee that flits from flower to flower attracted by its beauty but never diving into the center of the flower to sip the nectar, we will be forever unsatisfied. Deep diving requires staying with a teaching and path for some time, seriously exploring the principles and techniques offered there. We need determination and perseverance to go past the initial superficially attractive aspects of a path and begin the work of spiritual growth. We also need to soften and open our hearts to the whispers of guidance that come to us as we practice.

These qualities of determination, perseverance and an open heart serve us well to keep us moving forward in our spiritual path and also eventually to attract the help of a teacher and a Guru.

You have walked far enough down your spiritual path to realize that materialism and the world will never satisfy. You have also realized that there has to be much more to the path than just sampling teachings. You are at an important point in your journey. Try committing to a path you are drawn to and see where it takes you. Be aware of the point where you often will be tempted to look for another teaching and see if you can go past that to a deeper level. By doing this you will strengthen your spiritual ‘muscle’. Restlessness comes from the heart and its desires to find satisfaction ‘out there’ rather than within. Inspiration comes when the heart is still and open to receive the Divine Presence. Direct your heart’s energy and desires inward and upward in longing for true Peace and true Joy. The practices on your chosen path will help you with this; practice them with sincerity and depth. Restlessness will diminish and your heart will become open to receive inspiration and guidance for your next step.

God bless you on your spiritual journey.

Nayaswami Mukti