How much Karma do we have?


How can a yogi know how much karma is left and how much is gone? Can they access everything of the mind?

—Pravin, India


This is a very thoughtful question and a difficult one too. There is the analogy that our karma is like a glacier in the ocean and we can only see the tip and there is no way to know what lies beneath that tip. Another analogy is when trying to work on our karma, it is similar to pulling a nail out of a board we just don’t know how far the nail is in the board. Both examples call on us to have a deep faith and trust that how we are working with our karma is individual and we can only do our best. Giving this effort to God helps to build that trust and then we will be guided on the best way to work with karma. As oneness with God comes we can begin to see our whole picture and access past, present and future. Great Yogis can do that. But as we are moving toward that realization, faith and trust in God’s guidance will take to all we need to know for now. Patience and blessings on you efforts.