How Should I Pray?


I have started feeling people’s energy. When it discomforts me, I start praying to God. How should I pray?

—Shefali, India


Dear Shefali,

First of all, it’s helpful to realize that God is our nearest and dearest friend. From this understanding we can tune into prayer as a way to open up to God’s presence and invite His guidance in our lives. We should not feel that we are “beggars”, asking for God’s favours, but that we are truly, children of the Light.

Try to feel from your heart, a very real connection to God, perhaps as Divine Mother, or as Heavenly Father, or in some other meaningful, personal way. Then let this connection flow into your prayers, always tuning into the highest possibility.

In this particular example that you shared, i.e. “feeling people’s energy”, I would suggest that you pray to surround those people with God’s healing energy. Visualize that this energy is blessing them and lifting them to a higher vibration.

You can also pray to be open to being a more clear instrument for this divine energy to flow through you to bless others.

You might like to explore Paramhansa Yogananda’s book of prayers, Whispers From Eternity, which offers a selection of various ‘prayer demands’ which are divinely inspired.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Pranaba