How Should I Visualize the Spiritual Eye?


I have been renewing my efforts to keep my attention on the spiritual eye and visualize it for myself as it becomes more and more apparent to me that this is a vital tool or maybe step in the spiritual path. I find that the physical image which occurs to me is much bigger than something which could actually fit on a person’s forehead. Should I try to make the image look more "realistic" as if it would really fit? Thanks for your help.

—Patricia, United States


Dear Patricia,

My suggestion is to visualize the spiritual eye in a way that allows you to merge into it and not only see it as an object, or something external to your experience. Perhaps a way to tune in more readily is to try to sense the golden halo of the spiritual eye, or even just tune into an orb of golden light. The rest of the spiritual eye, with the deep blue tunnel, and the white star, will often come more naturally into focus if you can feel that you are merging into the experience.

So, yes, try to sense the spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows but also let it expand beyond any limitation. This will come in time as you focus more and more.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba