How To Leave the Body Consciously


How does one learn how (techniques, focus, practice) to leave life consciously?

I am very sick and will not survive too much longer (I have a brain tumour) need chemo for another issue (HCV), and suffer severe muscle pain. I have begun to lose balance, sight and hearing from brain tumour; and I have begun having difficulties eating. I do not know how much time is left, but it is not long. I do a type of waking meditation, where I meditate nearly constantly. I try to do hatha yoga.

—Andreas, USA


Dear Andreas,

It is a good sign that you are reaching out at this point in your life. There are a number of suggestions that can be helpful to you in this transition time.

The first is to let go of any attachments that remain in your awareness. Non-attachment means not accepting anything as your own. Feel rather, the blessing of having been a good custodian of all that has been in your life; now you can release all of that back into the universe. One way of making this more real is to focus, every night before you fall asleep, on the feelings in your heart. Then visualize a fire into which you cast all attachments and desires so your heart’s feelings are purified. Affirm that everything in your life belongs to God.

Secondly, it is helpful to review your life. Focus more on the happy times, rather than on the sad experiences you’ve had. In this way, you’ll be setting the stage for a happy state after death. View all the mistakes you may have made in a positive light; they have been stepping stones for your growth. However, let go of any feelings of guilt that may be lingering in your heart.

It is also a good thing to tune into the thought of freedom; a freedom of your soul soaring in God’s love and bliss. Feel God’s unconditional love in your heart and in your whole being. Know that God has a complete acceptance of you as His very own. Choose to avoid anything that may have a negative influence on you. Don’t be pulled downwards into negative thoughts or emotions.

Something that you may already be doing is to listen to uplifting, spiritual recordings, whether it be music or an inspiring talk. One thing that I would highly recommend is to listen to the chanting of AUM (OM) to aid in tuning into higher consciousness. Swami Kriyananda recorded such a CD, AUM, Mantra of Eternity.

This is also a good time to spend more of your time sending out prayers and blessings to others. In doing so you are giving meaningful support to others and you yourself will receive blessings in being an instrument in this way.

Most importantly, try to feel God’s presence in every moment, and surround yourself with influences, including people, that are God-reminding.

Blessings to you as you soar in the embrace of the Divine.

Nayaswami Pranaba