How to Deal with Negativity


Respected sir/madam, i m basically a religious/spiritual person, basically i have weak aura and i get easily affected by negativity in environment and i easily get irritated/angry , there is stress due to professional

and family problems; i used to pray and meditate early but now i even have lost the zeal as i m not getting the desired results; there is lot of corruption in india and it also affects me, i m depressed ; how to strengthen my aura for longer period ,pl guide me


—HS, India


Dear Friend,

I am sorry to read that you are discouraged. Think of Arjuna before the battle of Kurukshetra: facing his difficulties, he, too, was discouraged. He turned to Krishna for counsel. Krishna counsels us that each one of us must face our tests and challenges with a strong heart; with faith in God and His goodness; and, with, non-attachment to getting results.

To strengthen your aura, return to your practices of prayer and meditation with even greater fervor! Chant and sing! Pray for strength, courage, and calmness. Every society has its evils. Unless our dharma assigns to us a role in righting wrongs on a large scale, we must simply let go of our frustration over such things like corruption in society. Do your best. Don’t support corruption if ever it comes into your life. Encourage others to protest or resist it, but after that, go about your life focused inwardly, chanting God’s name. Unhappiness cannot bring divine joy to you or others!

Everyone has family problems and work challenges. These problems are there to encourage us to rise to meet their challenge but also to understand that this world is always a mixture of good and bad. Only in Divine consciousness can we find freedom and true happiness.

Spend time with other devotees, too. Serve the needs of others and support spiritual works. Get involved in positive things and avoid negative people. Avoid listening to gossip or other negativity. Say only positive things. Take time every night or morning to sit in prayer and meditation: alone with God!

Paramhansa Yogananda counseled us: “All conditions are neutral; they are positive or negative according to the attitude of our mind!” I recommend a powerful book by him: “How to find Courage, Calmness and Confidence” (part of the “Wisdom of Yogananda” series of “how to” books.)

May the Light of Divine Smiles shine upon you!

Nayaswami Hriman