How to Deal with Stress


I have been meditating for past 10 months. The results are tremendous. But sometimes there is lot of stress -- work-related, and also fear about the outcome regarding the mistakes done. Please help: how it can be solved with meditation?

—Uma nair, India


Dear Uma,

It is said that patience is the fastest way to success. And, this applies very much to meditation. Be patient and keep on with your daily practice of meditation; the results will become more integrated in all parts of your life.

You can also experiment with this suggestion when you find yourself challenged with stress or worries:

Step back mentally from whatever is causing you stress; curb your instinct to react immediately.

Breathe*. Use abdominal (belly) breathing; deep breathing naturally relaxes the body.

Reflect on what’s trying to happen in the situation. Try to perceive the situation as if you were the director of this movie; how would you like it to end?

Choose your response. Let your response be thoughtful and conscious; avoid reacting which tends to be automatic and unconscious.

*For deep breathing be sure to inhale and exhale only through the nose. Let the abdomen expand outward with your inhalation and release back in with your exhalation.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Pranaba