How to Deepen Your Meditation


I have 5 questions

How do i force myself to meditate every day?

Is it enough to just say God or just Yogananda when i meditate ?

How do you get into deep meditation ?

How do you know if you are actually calling God with all your heart ?

Is it enough to meditate for for less than 5 minutes ?

—TT, Europe


Dear Friend: wow! 5 questions! ok, then…….

1. Never FORCE yourself to meditate. It is a privilege to know about meditation and a great blessing to WANT to meditate. Meditate with and for JOY! Meditate as an act of self-offering to the ONE who has become you and everything in creation!

2. Yogananda said “God is the guru!” It is not important whether “God” or “Yogananda.” But do you know God? It’s easier to think and pray to Yogananda: we have his picture; we have his writings; we know other disciples; much easier to approach Infinity through the channel that has been sent to you! Ultimately, however, there’s no difference, but much easier to approach God through channels that you can relate to. In his eyes you will discover the Infinite!

3. Deep meditation comes first by relaxation: then, by the calm and joyful desire to enter into the state of inner peace! Then, by the use of effective techniques applied with devotion; Finally, by the descent of guru-given grace. Never think you can force “heaven” to come down to you. You must offer yourself up to God without any conditions. Superconsciousness will come when the time is right, just as Jesus said, “Like a thief in the night” (you never can know!). Relax and open yourself to the living Christ-consciousness within you.

4. If you sincerely call to God, that’s the best you can do. We all have desires, many of them hidden and unseen by us, that hold us back. Don’t worry about those or by desires that are active in your mind: just keep offering yourself to God. “God watches the heart.” Keep purifying your heart: “banat, banat, ban jai!” (Doing, doing, soon done!)

5. A five minute meditation is better than nothing but more important than amount of time is the depth of sincerity and devotion. Nonetheless, you should be doing more than just five minutes on a regular basis. If you want to progress in meditation over the long term, you have to go deeper both as to quality and quantity (time) of meditation. Once a week, meditate longer; meditate with others, especially those who can perhaps go deeper than you (weekly or as often as you can).

Blessings to dear friend. Never give up!

Nayaswami Hriman