How to Find a Job


Why I can not find a job? I really try all the time to think positive and stay positive. I do some positive job affirmation, but nothing helps. Furthermore because of my current situation I am very depressed !!! Please can you help me! Thank you

—Dastan Galaly, Sweden


Dear Dastan,

Attracting a job requires magnetism, and magnetism results from both quality and quantity of energy output in the direction of a specific goal. I’m sure you have done and are doing all the right things one is advised to do by professionals in the job market, so I’d like to offer you something a little different.

But first: magnetism! I’m not talking something weird or magical. This is straight-up energy in action. If I want a particular job — let’s say a job a bank — here are some of the things I’m going to do:

  • I take all the steps necessary to be qualified to be hired (in terms of education).
  • I personally visit every bank I can find. Talk with whoever will talk to me. Just chat.
  • I scan my social network for anyone who works in a bank and befriend them.
  • I keep up with articles in the media about banking.
  • I read books about banking, regulations, currency and on and on.
  • I immerse myself in the world of banking.
  • I network with as many people in the banking field, especially those with experience and credentials.

But that’s for a specific job.

A yogi will have a higher altitude view. What is a job? It is a means by which I can serve God by serving others (or in some cases, you might be working with nature or with animals). The fact that I need money to live is secondary. I look joyfully at the prospect of being of service in the world I live and thereby being able to be part of that world (i.e. surviving). To succeed at a job requires a good attitude, focused effort, and opportunities to improve or advance.

So, in addition to whatever advice job counselors may give you, I’d like to add a few thoughts from the yogi-point-of-view:

  1. In prayer and meditation, visualize offering yourself in service to God through whatever job opportunity might be offered. Don’t necessarily identify the job itself or any characteristics. Be open to what God sends to you. See yourself serving joyfully, energetically, creatively and being mindful of divine energy and consciousness flowing through you. Feel that God is the Doer, not the ego-self. Don’t focus on money, or surviving, or anything you might receive in return. In fact, visualize yourself giving back a portion of your earnings to serve God’s direct work in the world — through a church or other organization serving in spiritual ways. Preferably, in fact, giving back to the source of your own inspiration as a gift in return. Visualize yourself in a balanced life having time each day for meditation and for living a healthy life.
  2. Make it a point every day to help around the house and the family that you are part of. Look for things to do and do them. Be actively calm and calmly active.
  3. Outside the home, in your neighbourhood or town, volunteer to help at a non-profit organization, a church — in fact, anywhere. Look for opportunities to be useful to others, including your neighbors! “How can I help” should be your mantra. Never mind being paid: just help! You might even be able to be an intern (unpaid or partially-paid) somewhere.

If you keep busy helping others near and far, you will develop the positive magnetism to attract to yourself an opportunity to serve in a sustainable way for the purposes of your living needs. (Keep those needs simple, however. Don’t overspend. Live within your means.) Even a part-time or temporary job, or one that seems at first disagreeable, can be a doorway to the next thing.

Say YES to Life! And Life will respond, saying YES to your needs. Jesus said it perfectly: “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (“These things” are your proper needs.)

Blessings and the best to you in your job search!
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle, WA