How to Learn the AUM Technique


What are the ways that I could learn the AUM meditation method? I am experienced with Ananda meditation and the other methods... Thank you.

—Cecile DeCuir, United States


Dear Cecile,

At Ananda the AUM technique is the third technique given in The Path of Kriya Yoga. Techniques are taught in sequence because one builds upon the others. First one learns the Energization and Hong Sau techniques and the foundation principles of the Kriya Path.

Here is a link to an explanation of the principles and benefits of the AUM technique. This technique is given to those who have chosen to become disciples of Yogananda and have a well-established practice of Energization and Hong Sau.

If you would like to begin on The Path of Kriya Yoga there is a link on the AUM technique page that takes you to how to sign up for our online courses. It is possible to study all of the techniques and teachings needed to proceed to Kriya Yoga initiation through our Ananda Course in Meditation online classes. These classes are rich in information, opportunity to practice and share with other students. Step One of our Ananda Course in Meditation begins monthly. Please take a look to see if you might be interested.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti