How to “Manifest” a Child


How can I manifest a child? Doctors have told my husband and I that we very likely cannot have a child, but I don’t believe that. I believe in higher power and in one of my dreams I even ask Paramhansaji for a child. I Believe we are meant to have a child. I would appreciate guidance and clarity on this.

—Maral Shabani, Canada


Dear Maral,

In all aspects of life it is important to remember who is ‘in charge’. You are right to understand that there is a higher Power, and it is this Power, not any earthly ‘powers’, that determine when and where a soul will incarnate.

I encourage you to turn to God in the form you hold most dear and lovingly offer up your desire for a child. Pray deeply, sincerely and with trust that God knows what is best. If your husband is attuned to prayer, you might like to pray together. You may offer prayers repeatedly over time but always with an openness to God’s will. The best times to pray are when you are calm and centered in the divine presence, such as after your spiritual practices.

You may feel to pray to Yogananda as you did in your dream. Offer your prayers while concentrating at the spiritual eye and then listen and feel at the heart chakra for God’s answer and guidance. As you know there are other options for having a child such as adoption. Listen closely for what is your and your husband’s dharma, which is your righteous duty, and your highest way to serve God.

May you feel God’s blessings and grace strongly as you put out your sincere request.

Nayaswami Mukti