How to Protect Yourself from Negative Influences


Dear Ananda,

My husband recently met with an accident with minor injuries in the month of August, and then in the last week, two times again he had very small bike accidents. Also, in the past month, his bike tires were punctured three times. I am worried that maybe someone has done black magic to him. Is it possible and true, and if so, how could I identify it? kindly guide me.

—Kavitha, India


Dear Kavitha,

A good strategy is have your husband increase his energy and magnetism in a more dynamic and positive direction. It’s also wise to avoid any direct contact, if possible, with those that have negative tendencies.

Here is a specific technique that can be very helpful:

Have him rub his hands together briskly, drawing divine energy to a focus, and then with the palms facing outward, chant Aum and visualize sending divine healing energy to his whole being (body, mind, and soul). This will help increase the protective magnetic field for him.

I’m not sure if you are familiar with Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, but these can help bring him more and more in balance. All the challenges that you described will be overcome as he tunes into the inner energy and its resulting magnetism.

Another important approach in blocking the dark energy or negativity, is to emphasize uplifting thoughts and images. Yogananda strongly recommended chanting as an important tool to shift one’s energy from negative influences to positive influences . Your husband can also use affirmations. Another way to shift the focus is to encourage him to give gratitude for all that happens in his life. By tuning into being grateful his heart will open to the flow of divine grace. One of the most significant changes happens through ever deepening meditation.

I hope these suggestions will be of benefit to your husband.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba