How to Sit Longer in Meditation



I am folloiwng the kriya meditation almost daily..I need to know how to increase my ability to sit for longer periods of time.


—Mrudula, India


Dear Mrudula,

Are you enjoying the meditation that you are doing? If you are enjoying your meditation, you will find that you can sit longer in the joy or love that you feel. Sitting longer without enjoyment will not help you go deep.

Yogananda scolded a disciple once for not meditating. She said that she had meditated for a half hour. He countered that by saying you have not meditated with concentration. You can meditate long but without concentration you will not get very far.

So concentration, enjoyment and relaxation are all very important to longer, more sustained meditations. Check your attention and attitudes to see what you are thinking and doing. Preparations for meditation can help you – doing Energization Exercises and also some yoga postures for centering the body and mind. Doing yoga postures with affirmations will give positive, uplifting energy for meditation.

Meditate every day with a feeling of joy and love from God and guru. Even with bad meditations, if you are tuning into the guru, you will feel that river of joy that will be with you throughout the day.

Bless you, Seva