How to Trust Inner Guidance


I am part of Ananda(Level2) doing meditation everyday for around 1 hour-2 hour.

I were having serious problem in business before 1 month and one day while meditating i received a inner voice saying it will be resolved in a week.In another 10 days the problem got resolved too.

Also While i were meditating 2 days ago i got a inner voice asking me to focus on work and meditation only,rest will be taken care by god.(Received big money next day)

Is this inner voice divine one or my imagination

—Rajkumar, India


Dear Rajkumar,

That’s wonderful news and those are great blessings, indeed. Be sure, however to practice non-attachment to these successes. Life ultimately balances to zero, so do not take for granted these blessings: accept them calmly, with gratitude, and with the sincere desire to receive guidance in whatever form it comes.

Is this imagination or true guidance? For starters, so far it’s come true so there’s no argument there! “The proof of the pudding is in the eating!” to quote an overused cliche. However serendipitous these events have been, do not presume upon them as being always true. In fact, you can be sure you will be tested at some point in regard to them. If you receive guidance to do something drastic, be very, very careful! Your karma might be setting you up for a fall!

But for now, feel calmly grateful and sincerely open to the Divine will.

Sincerely and with blessings!
Nayaswami Hriman