How to Use Positive Energy, Non-Attachment, and Intuition in Our Lives


I have the following questions: 1) How do we know what chakras are active in our body and how do we work on them .. or Identify our improvement? 2) When we get attracted to a person, what is so special about him that out of 100’s of other people we fall for that person only? 3) Sometimes we get a strong feeling that someone is calling us. Is it our own mind game or really is there someone calling out to us?

—Sneha, India


Thank you for your three sincere questions! Each question would cover a lot of in-depth discussions so I will try to be concise (and helpful).

The best way to know if your chakras are ‘active’ is with meditation. There is an online class, Understanding the Chakras in Depth, which may be of interest to you. Another resource is the book Chakras for Starters.

Swamiji Kriyananda said, “To awaken the kundalini, through the chakras, naturally and safely means, every day, step by step, to get into a more positive frame of mind.” That positive energy along with your meditation technique will ‘open’ the chakras. Having an inactive chakra simply means the energy is being diverted outward from the chakra. Thus focusing upward during meditation will help to increase the energy flow through the chakras. All of the practices of yoga are meant to increase the energy flows through the chakras so as to ‘unclog’ them and also to redirect the energy in an inward, upward direction. To determine your progress, you can look at your increased joy, positivity, and peace. When the flow of energy is balanced you will know in your heart that you are spiritually growing toward the Infinite.

In your next question, the law of attraction which can lead to attachment is something to look at here. To begin a friendship with someone you are attracted to, with the exclusion of everyone is not the best way to think. That very attachment is not love but a blinded feeling based, usually, on likes and dislikes. Real love formed by attractions should always be based first on the happiness of the other person. Also, the attraction that you feel could be a simple connection from a past life. Letting time pass and asking God what is the ‘right’ thing to in this situation is your best reassurance on making any choice.

Your last question relates to intuition. Someone or some idea coming to mind can be from intuition or imagination. Refining your skills of intuition will let you know if it is something for you to give attention to or not. Our minds can be like ‘radios’ picking up on many types of wavelengths and impulses. One way to check to see if a thought is a true intuition for you is after meditating, raising your energy to the spiritual eye hold the thought or person or idea there. In stillness listen for the answer at the heart center. The more you practice this focusing at the point between the eyebrows with love and trust, the more you feel you are being guided to the Highest.

Many blessings on all your spiritual efforts.