How to Work With Financial Karma


I have been asked leave company citing performance issues 5th time in my career. I am responsible for 7 members of my family. Materially me and my brother are in huge debt. After my dad’s loss world turned upside down for us within few mins. Are these repetitive patterns in my career are because of some bad Karma or it’s solely because of me and if yes, how can I change it to make things work in my favour? How can I get clear my karmas to get away from these issues?

—Sarang, India


Dear Sarang,

Thank you for your question. You are right about the role that karma plays in financial matters — and it’s important! But try to look beyond the immediate fears and focusing on negative results: consider that there is a bigger picture unfolding. Anything that comes to us is for our growth. For some people making money is effortless and for some it is always elusive. Remember money is a thing — a medium of exchange. We give it energy by our expectations.

The power of a particular karma is determined by two factors: energy and willpower. These factors can change our karma. Karma can be mitigated or lessened of all harmful effects. The more energy and willpower you put into changing karma, the sooner and more completely you will be able to wipe the slate clean! It is possible to redirect our energy and willpower to change karma!

Obstacles to that effort are doubt, anxiety, fear, and lack of confidence. Whatever skills you have, use them for good now. Whatever the past has been, use your willpower and energy for positive now. Consider solutions for employment that are new and different. Embracing a new idea can open up a flow of creative energy for you. The more positive energy you put out now, the more positive energy will be attracted back to you.

Maybe this is a test of trust to help you change the work career you are doing now. Maybe it is going to be the “push” and encouragement necessary to adopt a new means to serve your family and the world. Everything that comes to us is for our growth on all levels. There may be more doors to open that you have not considered. How you work with karma brings the success you are looking for in your life. Never give up your efforts for success.

Also, remember that man’s ability alone is limited, but there is no limit to power of God for those who invite the power of God to flow through them. A beautiful affirmation of Yogananda to use everyday, and any time you become worried about how prosperity will come into your life, is: “The sunshine of Divine Prosperity has just burst through the dark skies of my consciousness. I am God’s child! What He has, I have. I will go forth in the perfect faith in the power of the Omnipresent Good to bring me what I need, when I need it!”

Place your trust in God. Rely on Him, and, in the language of your heart, ask for His help and guidance. Many blessings on your efforts.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi