I Am Experiencing Recurring Financial Turbulence. What Can I Do?


I undergo circumstances which are repetitive: I find myself in financial turbulence, repeating itself in exactly the same way. No sooner I get out of one, another is sitting there, waiting. Please give me some guidance. I am not into any wrong habits. I just want to get out of it. “Fed up” would be the more appropriate expression.

—Ashish, India


Dear Ashish,

This is not an easy question to answer. We would have to discover the cause of this repeated event to eliminate its symptoms. What is it? It could be many things:

  • Is it a negative karmic pattern in you which you are constantly reaping?
  • Is it a lack of output of energy on your part?
  • Is it opposing thoughts in your subconscious mind which cancel out all your sincere efforts?
  • Is it a lack of practicality? Are you repeating the same error over and over?

My suggestion to you is this: please study deeply Swami Kriyananda’s course on success, titled Material Success Through Yoga Principles. If you have any questions as you study, you may contact an Ananda center. You might also benefit from his book, Money Magnetism.

Also ask for inner guidance for your situation: what to do to get out of that “turbulence”. The best way to do so is to meditate first and then ask for guidance at the end of your practice in a state of inner calmness and receptivity.

Also pray God for assistance. With Him everything becomes possible. Without Him, we end up in a world which is “a nest of troubles, pains, and disappointments,” as Yogananda put it.

All the best to you,