I Bought Some Stones and Candle, and They Moved on Their Own!


I recently bought 4 energy stones and 1 candle in a mystic store. I put the stones inside of the candle in my nightstand and one night the stones simply disappeared. My roommate did not move it. The next day the candle also disappeared. I thought it had fallen underneath the bed and when I went to look the stones and the candle were underneath the bed in an S shape. Can stones and candles move by themselves? What might have caused it?

—yasmin, United States


Dear Yasmin,

Sometimes objects (even furniture) can indeed move through the agency of disembodied beings. Yogananda calls them “tramp souls” who are so attached to the material plane that they don’t leave for the higher realms at death. We had a case here, where I live. Sounds spooky, but it happens. However, it happens very rarely, and it’s probably not what has happened in your case.

In fact, most of the time such inexplicable events in truth have some very rational and “scientific” explanation, one which however our mind can’t understand right now. Weird things simply happen and we are puzzled. But later we may get it: “Ah, this is how my candle ended up being in an S shape under my bed.”

I’d just leave it at that. Should more really strange stuff happen, you may ask again if you wish.