I Dreamed that a Snake Climbed on My Neck & People Worshiped Me


Ever since I started practicing Kriya Yoga, I have had a few dreams where in I met the YSS line of Gurus. Recently, I started my intense Kriya Yoga practice and I had a dream in which I was in a temple standing in front of Lord Shiva’s Linga. Suddenly a snake from the temple climbed on to my neck and sat in a position like Lord Shiva’s Snake and all of a sudden the people from the temple started worshiping me as Lord Shiva. Does this signify anything?

—GS Raahul Preeyatharshann, India


Dear Raahul,

How wonderful you are dreaming about our great Gurus. What a blessing.

Yes, your dream signifies something. The kundalini energy is starting to awaken. According to Yogananda, when it does so, it takes you toward “Christ Consciousness,” or divine consciousness. The Lord awakens in you. When that happens, be aware. The ego very easily takes possession of this process and feels glorious and special. Instead think that your ego is dying, has no significance at all, and that God is awakening. Your merit is nothing, all is His. The people in the dream were not bowing to you, but to the Light of God you made space for. This is very important.

I hope your awakening process continues and that you are wise enough to diminish your ego as it happens. If we allow the ego to grow and feast on our divine experiences, downfall and suffering are inevitable.

God bless you,