I Feel a Particular Sensation at the Heart and Spiritual Eye During the Day


I have started meditating since the last few weeks. I have had quite a sudden blissful experience during the first week. Now, since last few days I feel some kind of sensation/awareness/physical-fullness in my heart area (it isn’t pain) during some parts of the day. Is that normal? Also i feel a soothing sensation between my eyebrows throughout the day, specifically when i concentrate. I am more concerned about the sensation at my heart area.

—Alim Bhanwadiya, India


Dear Alim,

Yes, this is normal. Some people feel a particular sensation or a slight pressure at the point between the eyebrows during the day. Others feel some effect in the heart area. It’s just an energy experience, and it’s a good thing. It might gradually go away, or it might stay (which would be nice).

Most of all: please nourish your meditations very much right now. You are at the beginning, and the beginning often brings special blessings (like the blissful feeling you had), which afterwards might not be there anymore. Enjoy whatever comes right now and keep your meditations regular.

God bless you,