I Feel a Strong Urge to Tell People not to Judge. Why?


I have practiced meditation for some time now. I have tried many different types but have finally settled for mantra meditation with Aum. I have noticed that nowadays when I see or hear people treating others with impatience or judgement, I feel a strong urge to ask them not to be judgmental and instead try to be more patient and understanding to others. Some time ago I would not have cared about anything like that. Why is this happening, and how should I go about it?

—Jessica, Sweden


Dear Jessica,

Blessings for your Om meditation. May it take you deep inside.

Concerning your question: What happens is that through your meditation your soul is speaking to you and making itself felt. Our soul naturally wants us to be loving and accepting, not judging, as one of its innate qualities is pure love. But it is a voice meant only for you.

But what happens next is that we easily project this soul-understanding on others.  We want to share it, convince others, teach them, or sometimes convert them. Even if we do it with pure motivation, it is hardly ever wise. People are where they are and understand what they are able to understand. You can’t tell a tiger not to kill, and likewise you can’t tell certain people not to judge. Plus nobody (almost) likes to be lectured to – it usually creates nothing but walls.

So it is better to let the world be and never give any unsolicited advice. Only when or if your meditations gain magnetism and people are spontaneously inspired to ask your advice, you may share.

Otherwise let your soul speak only to you, and follow it with all your heart, transforming your own tendencies. A good training is not to teach, but to love people in spite of their shortcomings. Your own transformed life and your love will transform others, not your words.

All the best, Jayadev