I Had a Peculiar Vision In Which My Thoughts Manifested As Reality. How Should I View It?


Hello. One warm evening in 2017, I walked along a street. in a very high state of consciousness. I met 2 strangers. They walked to my direction and as I looked at them, I saw how they changed. They transformed from an old couple to a father and daughter. I didn‘t even think about that in a way that this shouldn‘t be possible. I just recognized that every thought instantly manifested into reality. Every moment felt like I was in a film. What do you think about that? Is it possible that we have our own world?

—Gambino, Switzerland


Dear Gambino,
Our mind colors the way we experience reality, all the time. To a certain extent that is normal: the world appears bright if your mind and heart are bright, and dark when they are dark, etc.

What you were experiencing, however, went far beyond that. It is as if you lived in the film of your own mind. You were in your own world.

If you truly were in a high state of consciousness, you experienced these two strangers in a superconscious vision: seeing how that couple was in fact (maybe in another life) father and daughter.

Very easily, however, such visions come from our subconscious mind, like in a dream, and they are in truth nothing but our own inner stuff. Such visions are not very helpful, they make us live in a non-reality, in a strange world, in our own world, not in union, in expansion, or in truth.

So you may ask yourself: “Does my experience feel like a true enlightened vision, or was it rather my own subconscious pictures?”

If it was subconscious, don’t continue to go into that direction. Get out of it. There might be a certain fascination around it, but It will not bear good fruit in your life, and in your relationship with others.

If it was truly superconscious, then that is wonderful: it bears the fruit of bliss.

All the best on your inward journey,