I Have a Dead Twin Brother. What Does That Mean?


hi there,

i was thinking about myself and the new change that has come across me, and i feel as though someone is contacting me right now. i was wondering if you could answer this question for me- spiritually, what does it mean if i have a dead twin brother? he died as a baby and i was just wondering if it means anything because i keep thinking about him and its almost as if i knew of him before my dad even told me.


lake :)

—Lake, english


Dear Lake,

Spiritually speaking, you have a karmic connection with your twin brother. This means that you have known him in other lives, otherwise he couldn’t have become your twin brother this time around. So you are right: you know him, as you knew him in the past. Energetically he remains close to you. Maybe right now your energies are meeting, for some reason, as you feel that “someone is contacting me right now.” He is not “dead” at all. He simply is somewhere else, either still in the subtle astral realm (where departed souls go), or he has incarnated in another body. But he remains close – you even shared one womb – and you will certainly meet again, sooner or later.

Apart from that, what does it mean if you have a dead twin brother? There is always a lesson involved in such situations. This one is not easy to decipher without knowing your past lives together. Since I am not a psychic, I can’t tell. Maybe your separation, and your remaining inner subtle connection, will have the effect that in the future you will appreciate each other much more than you did before. But that is just one possibility.

If you want to understand the situation further, the best thing for you would be to meditate, to get a superconscious answer. At the end of meditation, look at the spiritual eye and ask: “Why? What does it mean?” Then shift your attention to the heart, and try to intuitively feel the answer. Do it for some time. Clarity might emerge.

All the best,