I Have Autism and These Are My Questions


Hi, I have autism. Who is my guardian angel? Who is my past life? Why can’t I dream, feel inwardly, etc? Why am I so harsh on myself? Will I have someone to love again, even though my requests are well, weird?

—Kyle, United States


Dear Kyle, Thank you for writing to us. I cannot identify your guardian angel, but I’m sure you have one or more, as we all do. There are other Great Ones also, like Paramhansa Yogananda and the Gurus of our path, who are more than able and willing to watch over you and help you whenever you need help. Just ask!

You want to know who you were in your past life. The truth is that you and everyone have had many, many past lives. It is not necessary to know all the details, because the life you are living is the most important one you’ve ever lived, and it is the exact place where you need to be now!

Everyone dreams, but some people are unable to remember their nightly dreams. It’s not all that important whether you do or don’t remember them, because most of our nightly dreams are simply based on the wanderings our subconscious minds.

As to why you can’t feel things inwardly, that sometimes takes a little practice. Perhaps you might enjoy learning to meditate. Just five minutes a day will go a long ways towards greater inner awareness.

Why are you harsh on yourself? Many people behave harshly towards themselves, because they don’t know themselves very well. All they see or feel are outward appearances, personalities, habits, or behavior patterns. That’s not the real YOU! The real you is a bright, shining child of God, perfect in every way. Again, meditation can help you be aware of and get to know your Higher Self; then you will have no further desire to be mean or harsh to yourself or anyone else. Try it and see!

Will you have someone to love again? The answer to that question is YES, if you are willing and able to be a channel for God’s love to flow through you to everyone. When you love others in a pure way, they will feel it, and then they can’t help but to love you back. If they don’t reciprocate in the way you wish, don’t worry about it. That’s their problem. Just continue to keep on loving everyone unconditionally and see what happens. It will be amazing for you!