I Have Had Disappointing Results in My Work. I Can’t Hear Yogananda’s Guidance.


Namaste, I have been going through tough times at my job for the past few years, and despite of doing above average work, the results are disappointing. I have been a kriyaban for 2 years. I was advised to commune with Yogananda and seek his guidance. However I am not sure if I am getting any. As I understand it, the Guru wouldn’t be apathetic towards us. Is it possible I am not able to understand what he is trying to say? How do I receive a direction when I so desperately need it?

—Anonymous, India


Dear one,

Yes, the Guru does answer. And yes, he is never apathetic towards his disciples. He loves you. And yes again, sometimes we are simply not able to understand his guidance. So what to do?

First of all, insist with your prayers to him. Yogananda said that we have to “churn the ether” with our prayers.

And take the advice of Sister Gyanamata, his great woman disciple: “Take firm hold of the Guru’s robe, and let nothing unclench your fingers.” Insist: “You MUST help me. NOW!”

Maybe there has been a crosscurrent of old karma in your work, and he is simply telling you to keep going as you have been, with “above average work.”

Or sometimes he is telling us something which is difficult to understand, only because we don’t want to hear it. Pray then, again and again: “Please let me understand.”

You may also pray to Rajarshi Janakananda, his most advanced disciple and extremely successful businessman. He too can inspire you with the right course of action.

At any rate, never give up. And never lose faith in your Guru. Every difficult situation comes to teach us something important. What is that is for you? I don’t know. But in every difficulty there is a hidden blessing, a necessary lesson. What is it? May the Guru enlighten you.

Is there a practical and intelligent person around you? Maybe the Guru can also speak through him/her to help you.

All his blessings on you,