I Need a Deep Healing Prayer


I am a YSS devotee following the spiritual path of Swami Yogananda for several years. My only brother is suspected of leukemia. I want my brother to recover fast. Can you join me in my prayers in bringing about my brother’s mental and physical healing as early as possible. Also need your advice for a deeper healing prayer.

—Leena, India


Dear Leena,

Absolutely, I join you in sending healing energy for your brother. Here is the site for Yogananda’s prayers and healing techniques.

It is also important during this time, in supporting your brother, to stay focused on the spiritual energy in your life. Keep God and Guru in the mind and heart even more than usual. Keep your daily meditations very strong, and do Yogananda’s healing prayer technique often. It will be a good thing, also, to embrace the attitude of: “I am a sincere disciple, and God and Guru know what is best for me. This test must be for my growth, (and my brother’s) so I accept it and I am grateful for it.”

Finally, be sure to give the situation to Divine Mother. Ask Her to give you and your brother strength to accept and “get through” this test. Keep God as present as possible in your thoughts and feelings. When you have God in your heart, difficulties become easier.

Many blessings on your efforts,
Nayaswami Hassi