I Saw a Blue Tunnel in a Dream


I’ve been having involuntary lucid dreams since I was 12. Some have terrified me, some have been amazing. About two months ago I was having a dream and became aware that I was dreaming. I got sucked into a blue tunnel and started quickly being pulled into it without being able to stop. I tried to cover my eyes so I couldn’t see, but couldn’t stop seeing the blue, pixelated tunnel because my arm is invisible. I was going so fast. Do you know what the blue tunnel is?

—Annie , USA


Dear Annie,

When we go deep in meditation we may see all or part of the spiritual eye with our inner vision (not with our physical eyes). One component of the spiritual eye is a blue tunnel which the meditator may enter into through her inner vision. When seeing any aspect of the spiritual eye the meditator will experience a deep state of peace and upliftment into higher consciousness. Normally when we sleep we enter a lower, subconscious state which includes periods of dreaming which are not usually associated with uplifted consciousness.

I cannot be sure if what you are seeing in your lucid dream is part of the spiritual eye, but I think you will enjoy reading this description of the spiritual eye from our website: The Complete Guide to the Spiritual Eye. It includes information about how to meditate and see the spiritual eye. By studying this you might get some insight into your dream.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti