What Am I Seeing in My Meditation?



Recently after a guided meditation to 'meet my spirit guide', i began to see a dark shadow then light swirl around my room, as if someone was turning a light on and off, but it was swirling (if that makes sense). Then all of a sudden a blue/indigo ball of light in front of my eyes. I didn’t feel frightened or uneasy, it was a very calm experience.

I am wondering what it may have been or if anyone else has had this happen before?

—Abigail, Australia


Dear Abigail,

Since it was a guided meditation, which usually involves imagination, it can easily have been an experience born from the subconscious mind, another imagination, so strong that it appeared real.

It might also have been a true, deep experience, a perception of subtle inner energetic realities, again projected outward. In that case it seems like the battle between light and darkness, which swirls in us in our own spine. The light won, and the marvelous ball of blue-indigo light of the spiritual eye appeared — a great sign, a blessing.

If it was not projected from within, but indeed a true vision of an objective outer event, you probably had a perception of the energy world, in which all kinds of lights, beings, vibrations can be seen. Again, it was a positive event, as it ended with a calm experience of a blue/indigo ball of light.

I have never had that experience. These are just thoughts of what might have happened to you.

All the best,