I Saw a Pyramid With a Red Star and Have Had Flights Through Ancient Egypt


I see a pyramid with a Red Star and I can send the star down or up. What does this mean? Also I have had flights in my mind through ancient Egypt and it gave me vast knowledge I never knew I had. What would this mean?

—Michael, United States


Dear Michael,

Many things can be seen in the inner vision. The thing is, it can come from both the superconscious and the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is amazing: it can produce the most lively pictures, even whole sequences, like a film, it all seems so real. It is just like when you dream, and while dreaming you are 100% convinced it is true.

So be very honest. That pyramid and red star might be superconscious symbols, in which case they hold a divine message and a deep blessing. Your flight through ancient Egypt too might be true, but that would mean you are highly advanced, your consciousness being fully detached from your present personality: only in this way can you get out of this time-frame and enter into another.

Otherwise you have been flying in the world of fantasy, which can seem so fascinatingly real. (But who knows, maybe such a “flight” anyway might have awakened some dormant memories of some distant past life.)

In short: truly try to remain in inner satya, or truthfulness. Otherwise you might find yourself spending a lot of time flying in your own fancy, thinking it is true.

I attach a little story below , from Swami Kriyananda’s book The New Path, in which Yogananda recounts such a situation.

All the best,


Yogananda: “I remember a man who came forward after a lecture in New York and claimed that he could enter cosmic consciousness at will. Actually, what he meant was that he could travel astrally, but I saw right away that his experiences were imaginary. Still, I couldn’t simply tell him so; he wouldn’t have believed me. So I invited him up to my room. There I asked him to favor me by going into cosmic consciousness.

“Well, he sat there fidgeting, eyelids flickering, breath heaving — signs, all, of body-consciousness, not of cosmic consciousness! At last he could contain himself no longer.

“‘Why don’t you ask me where I am?’

“‘Well,’ I said, to humor him, ‘where are you?’

“In rounded tones, as if hallooing from a distance, he replied: ‘On top of the dome of the Taj Mahal!’

“‘There must be something the matter with your own dome!’ I remarked. ‘I see you sitting fully here, right in front of me.’ He was utterly taken aback.

“I then made a suggestion. ‘If you think you can travel all the way to the Taj Mahal in India, why not see if you can go somewhere nearby, to test the validity of your experience?’ I suggested that he project himself to the hotel dining room downstairs, and describe what he saw there. He agreed to the test. Going into ‘cosmic consciousness’ again, he described the dining room as he saw it. He actually believed in his visions, you see. What I wanted to do was demonstrate to him that they were the products of a vivid power of visualization. He described a number of things in the restaurant, including a group of people seated in a corner farther from the door.

“I then described the scene as I saw it. ‘In the right-hand corner,’ I said, ‘there are two women seated at a table by the door.’ I described a few more things as they were at the moment. We went downstairs at once, and found the room as I had described it, not as he had. At last he was convinced.”