I See Black Shapes and White Outlines on People


What does it mean when you can see lines and shapes moving in the air ? But they are mostly black. And what does it also mean when you can see a white outline on some people and its like a light? And what can i do if my manifestations aren’t working?

—Nuella, United Kingdom


Dear Nuella,

The black lines and shapes are, I believe, optical reflections, purely physical in nature. I have had such things too, moving lines and so on. The white outline around people is a phenomenon that various people see. It may be part of the aura.

In general I’d recommend not to concentrate much on such “manifestations.” They easily become, at least for sincere yogis, a distraction. There are many more of them, phenomena of all sorts, which in truth don’t take us anywhere. It is wiser, yogically speaking, if you concentrate on inner perceptions such as peace, love, a connection with a divine Presence, a growing sense of joy, and so on.

So if your “manifestations aren’t working,” I’d say, don’t worry. If they do come, don’t give them too much importance.

All the best,