I See Rapid Objects with a “Laser Light”-Vision. How Can I Stop It?


I have a laser light (mind’s eye) on all the time, I can see it whenever I close my eyes and notice it while my eyes are open. When I woke up today, before I opened my eyes I saw a screen with rapid objects one after another. My third eye was distorted, not round, last night. I suffer from anxiety. Is my mind’s eye being open all the time a problem? How do I stop this rapid stuff flowing though my brain? I tried to breathe and couldn’t stop it. It stopped when I opened my eyes. I was worried.

—April S, Canada


Dear April,
The spiritual eye is the seat of superconsciousness. Its energy is calm, profound, and clear. What you are describing seems rather a product of the subconscious and the psychological realm.

Don’t give much attention to these rapid visions, nor to whatever else presents itself to your mind’s eye. Try to get calmness into your system. I believe Hatha Yoga might be very good for you, or even better, sports. What seems needed is the calming earth element. Working with the body does that and might settle things.

Very slow and calm diaphragmatic breathing done regularly is also very good. It calms anxiety and also the mind.

Meditation might not be good for you since these visions might increase.

Avoid anything fast and restless, especially in music. Go out into nature and enjoy its beauty and calmness.

In short: Don’t give any energy to the things you are seeing. Concentrate on what brings calmness, healing energy, and the earth element.

God Bless You,