Is My Meditation Experience What the Alpha State Feels Like


What if someone sees the Spiritual Eye every time they put their brain in an Alpha state? I see this eye with my eyes open. I don’t want to see it anymore. It appears in the air, small and in front of me. I first saw this eye during a deep meditation. Lately I’ve been practicing seeing and sensing the human auric field, when I get myself into an Alpha brainwave state, the eye appears in seconds. It is to the point it makes me feel like it is a bad energy. I am having a hard time discerning this.

—Crystal, United States


Dear Crystal,

I wonder if you are seeing the true spiritual eye which appears when we have tuned deeply into Divine consciousness. You might be instead seeing something that is actually part of a subconscious state. The state that you identify as an alpha brain wave state may in fact an aspect of the subconscious. Sometimes the subconscious can produce waking dream-like images that can be disturbing. When the true spiritual eye is seen there is almost always a profound sense of peace and uplifted consciousness associated with it. The spiritual eye seen in deep meditation is a golden circle surrounding a blue field with white star in the center. It does not look like a human eye.

During meditation practice it is important to use a meditation technique to deepen concentration on higher realities and avoid mental wandering in the subconscious. Yogananda, whose teachings we follow at Ananda, taught a simple and powerful meditation technique which you can learn for free, if you’re interested, here on our website: Meditation Mini-Course.

Because of the trouble with this disturbing image I would recommend you practice meditation for short periods of 5-10 minutes to start. Really adhere to the technique to strengthen your concentration. You can begin your meditation practice with a simple prayer to be guided into peace and stillness. Meditate only as long as you can sustain concentration, and definitely end it if the image reappears. I would also suggest you also take a break from work with auras and alpha wave states as these have been associated with this disturbing image.

You might consider your experience with this image as cue that it is time to take your spiritual practices to a deeper level.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti